3D Foam Sculptures in New York

3D Foam Sculptures to Attract and Engage Kids and Families

Work with our team on fully immersive 3D Foam Sculptures to attract and engage kids and families. Every project is designed and completed in our world-class facility. Once completed, we package and ship to your business in New York or anywhere in the nation. We work with you every step of the way to ensure complete satisfaction, including sending a skilled fabricator and technician from our team to assemble on-site. 

Themed Entrance Areas to  Entertain and Distract Kids

We’ve created many themed entrance areas in professional offices to enhance the experience for kids, especially in situations that could be a little scary. 

Themed entrance areas are perfect for:

  • Dental offices
  • Pediatric offices
  • Childrens’ hospitals
  • Child psychologist office
  • Children’s ministries
  • Kindergartens and daycare centers

Themed Entrance Areas to Make Kids’ Less Nervous Or Afraid

When a child is afraid of going to the dentist or the doctor, it affects the family. We help businesses create fully immersive and imaginary themed entrance areas to distract the kids from the moment they walk into your office. 

Kids may feel nervous about being somewhere without their parents for children’s ministries, kindergartens, and daycare centers. A themed entrance can make the experience less nerve-wracking and more fun. It makes a new experience seem less scary. 

Elements that go into a themed entrance area:

  • Window, floor, and wall graphics and murals
  • 3D reception desk wraps
  • 3D foam sculptures and interactive elements
  • Interactive displays
  • Indoor play areas

Targeting Kids and Families With Themed Entrance Areas

Parents will be equally appreciative that you took the time to make the experience fun for their kids and feel more comfortable leaving their kids behind or returning to your office.

Create Custom 3D Themed Environments For Your New York Business

Mailing your business kid and family-friendly will help you attract more clients and retain existing ones. Work with our team to make your idea a reality and have it shipped and assembled in your New York location.