Soft Play Areas

Family-Friendly Soft Play Areas for Every Purpose

Our creative team of designers and fabricators are here to help you realize your vision and make your idea a reality. Soft Play Areas can be used to promote, entertain, inform, or interact with your target audience from childhood to adulthood. There’s no limit to our capabilities or our imagination. 

Creative and Age-Appropriate Soft Play Areas

We follow every themed environment or sculpted 3D foam piece from idea to installation and beyond. 

Our design services include:

  • Site survey
  • Setting a budget
  • Understanding your brand and audience
  • Finding the right solutions and techniques
  • On-site assembly
  • Repairs and maintenance

Designing themed environments, play areas, sculptures, and props

The first step to creating a themed environment, sculptures, and props is to understand your brand, audience, and purpose. We design everything from fully immersive themed play areas and exhibits to individual and bespoke pieces. 

Everything is customizable and designed to your exact specifications. No two themed creations are alike. We design for the exact location and the physical parameters of your space and your audience. 

Achieving business goals

Whether you’re looking to promote, attract, entertain, or educate, our team will collaborate with you on every aspect to ensure that we achieve your business goals. We also ensure that we create something age-appropriate and durable. 

Contact Professional Theming Company 

We’ll design, fabricate, install, and return for any maintenance and repairs. We build, sculpt, print, and paint everything in our world-class theming facility and ship to anywhere in the country. A skilled installation and assembly expert will travel with the piece and assembly on-site and no additional cost or charges. 

Contact us to start the creative process.