Theme Park Displays in Nevada

Attract and Retain Clients With Theme Park Displays

Work with Epic Studios on Theme Park Displays for every purpose. We’ll tailor each project to your specific location, industry, brand, customer, and business objectives. Every project is completed in our world-class facility by a fantastic team. Once complete, we package, ship, and accompany each piece to assemble on-site. Let’s transform your Nevada business!

Increase Interest in Your Brand with 3D Foam Sculptures

Consumers want to be impressed; they want an experience that they can connect to emotionally and spiritually. To connect with your audience, you have to give them insight into your brand, what you stand for and how you are different from the competition. Using 3D foam sculptures to show your brand personality can capture the hearts and minds of consumers. 

Great uses for 3D foam sculptures and props:

  • Tradeshows and Exhibitions
  • Promotional Events
  • Office and Lobby Environments
  • Retail Settings
  • Educational Institutions

Create 3D Foam Pieces to Enhance Client Experience

Transform your business, exhibit, tradeshow booth, or event into something magical with large 3D foam sculptures. Lifesize or oversized foam sculptures attract new clients and increase interest in your brand. 

Tradeshow props and sculptures

Get an oversized, dimensional rendering of your logo to add layers and interest to your tradeshow booth. Draw more eyeballs to your products at a busy tradeshow and separate your brand from the competition. 

3D Large Scale Printing

Technology has allowed you to get professional and creative sculptures, promotional pieces, props, and displays printed to your exact brand specifications. The possibilities are endless with a large-scale 3D printer and a team of engineers, technicians, artists, painters, sculptures, and creative geniuses. 

We can design any 3D piece that perfectly captures your brand and achieves your business goals.

Start Creating Your Themed Environment for Your Nevada Location

Get in contact today to start the process of creating a themed environment tailored to your Nevada location.