Themed Entrance Areas in Texas

Epic and Imaginative Themed Entrance Areas for Every Purpose

We work with clients to turn an idea into a reality with fantastic, 3D foam creations that tell your brand story and captivate your target audience. Work with our team of innovative, imaginative, and creative fabricators and engineers on Themed Entrance Areas for your Texas location. Let’s transform your space and attract families and children to your business. 

Creative and Imaginary 3D Theme Park Displays

Our world-class facility is the home to many 3D theme park displays that realize a theme and make it come to life. We challenge and delight your audience with beautiful, larger-than-life creations to transport families to a magical world sparked from your imagination. 

Theme park creations:

  • 3D kiosk and booth wraps
  • 3D foam sculptures
  • 3D themed play areas
  • 3D displays

We can accomplish anything with a 3D printer, foam, and a creative team of fabricators who paint, sculpt, and mold sculptures and foam pieces to make yoru world come to life. 

Telling a Story

Once we understand your theme park display’s size, scope, and theme, we can start to create, sculpt, print, and paint. We know how to tell a story, build excitement and create exciting moments that entertain and engage your audience. 

With theme park displays, you can create a fully immersive experience from start to finish and even make waiting in line more fun.  Waiting in line should be its own fun experience that builds momentum and excitement for the main ride or event.

Create an Immersive Experience From Entrance to Exit in Your Texas Location

Contact Epic Studios for creative and imaginary themed environments tailored to your Texas location, business, and brand.