Themed Play Areas in Florida

Creative and Imaginary Themed Play Areas to Attract Consumers of All Ages

Our team will collaborate with you on Themed Play Areas, finding the right solutions to realize your vision. We design and fabricate in our world-class facility and pack and ship to your Florida location. Our team will travel with the final product to assemble on-site, ensuring no additional cost and your complete satisfaction. 

Themed Play Areas Help Reduce Anxiety and Uncertainty

When you’re a kid, there are a lot of firsts, including going to the doctor, the dentist, starting school, or joining a new ministry. These situations can all create stress and anxiety for kids, but we can help them be less afraid and turn a new and scary situation into a fun and positive experience with themed play areas. 

Themed play areas are perfect for:

  • Pediatric office
  • Dental office
  • Daycare, kindergarten, school
  • Children’s ministry
  • And More!

Age-Appropriate Indoor Themed Play Areas

We work with you to target your specific audience and to capture the kids at their level. Age-appropriate indoor themed play areas should allow the kids to have fun, play, and also be challenged to help them grow and develop. 

Making a Theme Come to Life

There is no limit to the types of themes that we can bring to life. Every project is unique, and we begin every project with a blank canvas. We are in the business of imagination and storytelling. You can realize any theme you can think of. 

What we need to know to make your themed play area come to life: 

  • Physical location
  • Budget and timeline
  • Target audience
  • Brand mission and values

Once we understand the size and scope of your project and the audience we’re trying to attract and engage, our creative team will get to work to make your theme larger than life. 

Transform Your Florida Location With Themed Environment 

Work with Epic Studios to transform your Florida business with themed environments and 3D elements.