Trade Show Displays in Utah

Attract and Engage Kids and Families with Trade Show Displays

Our goal is to take your vision and create a fully immersive Trade Show Displays to attract kids and families. We follow your project every step of the way from idea to on-site installation in your Utah location. Let’s transform your space and create a wonderful and imaginary world that is fun, educational, and memorable. 

Distract and Entertain Kids of All Ages With Themed Check-In Areas

We love creating themed entrance areas in professional offices. No two projects are alike, and we tell a unique story every time. We listen to clients to understand their goals and vision before making it come to life in our world-class facility with state-of-the-art equipment and a fantastically creative team of fabricators and engineers. 

Consider a themed check-in area for the following businesses

  • Children’s dental offices
  • Pediatric and psychiatrist offices
  • Childrens’ hospitals
  • Hotels and hospitality

Themed Check-In Areas Reduce Stress and Anxiety

It’s tough for the whole family when a child is stressed, anxious, and afraid. If you run a professional office where kids are your clients, a themed check-in area with fun and friendly characters will reduce stress and anxiety for kids and adults alike. 

While going to the doctor or dentist is in the child’s best interest, going the extra mile and distracting the kid with a fully realized themed world will impress the parents and leave a positive lasting impression on the kids. 

With a themed check-in area, from 3D sculptures and props to 3D reception desk wraps, your place of business becomes a place where kids look forward to going, making them less afraid and turning a scary situation into something fun and familiar. 

Create Custom 3D Themed Environments For Your Utah Business

Themed environments will strengthen your brand identity and your bond with clients. 

Work with Epic Studios to realize your vision and boost your Utah location.