Our Story

Our mission at Epic Studios is to create themed environments where engagement and education combine into an immersive and exciting experience. 

We have assembled a team of specialists with experience in creation, design, fabrication, building, sculpting, and installation. Our goal is to create and deliver more immersive, customized, and personalized themed environments and experiences for our clients.


From idea to installation

Custom branding and visual elements can be individually curated and designed by Epic Studio. Exhibits, 3D sculptures, props, and bespoke pieces tailored to achieve your goals can add an engaging and exciting element to a presentation, tradeshow, event, or permanent location.

Tailored Themed Projects

No two themed environments are the same. Our creative and innovative team will bring your vision to life by exploring a world of possibility beyond the usual or ordinary. 

Driven by passion, integrity, and unbridled imagination, we breathe life into amazing and challenging concepts that achieve your objectives and are tailored to your location, timeline, and budget. 


Ready to let your imagination run wild? WE ARE!

Our team continues to push design boundaries, developing exciting and engaging themed environments that resonate with audiences of all ages. Because of this, we have built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted consultants.


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