From Retail stores to restaurants, Epic Studios can solve your smallest to largest challenges.

We are passionate about providing clients with personalized experiences. All of our experiences can be customized in both content and scale, ensuring your visitors get the experience you envision.

Imagine if your store was more than just a retail space.  What if it also were a destination point?  Let Epic Studios work with you to turn your space into a creative and interactive space where customers do more than just buy items and services.

Not only can this help boost foot traffic to your store, but also it can increase the time customer spend in it.

Curiosity and interaction invite people of all ages to explore and then share the experience through social platforms.

A thoughtfully and purposefully designed space can help you achieve this, and at Epic Studios, we can make it happen.  We transform retail environments into a three-dimensional embodiment of a brand.  We create spaces that deliver your brand experience to your customers.  We do this be designing, fabrication, and installation these great spaces. 

  • Large Scale Product Displays
  • Themed Environments
  • Interactive Displays
  • Themed Environment Design
  • Photo Ops


A themed experience should be an invitation to engage your customers.

We love the challenge of creating immersive themed environments that transport your audience. 

We’d like to invite you into our world, a world where imagination becomes a reality, and let your story begin!

High Quality Themed Environments for You & Your Clients

Engage and challenge your audience

We create experiences that invite your audience to step into your world.

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