Children’s Ministry

The Church That Plays Together
Stays Together

Make your ministry family and kid-friendly. Encourage play and socializing, build relationships with other children, and a welcoming ministry tailored toward captivating and embracing families. When you put effort into your children’s ministry and consider their experience, as well as the adults, you’ll signal to the parents that you value their experience and involvement in the church.

Place value on your children’s ministry by:

  • Creating a themed entrance and check-in area
  • Tailoring an indoor playground to every age and ability
  • Encourage play and education
  • Supporting strong and healthy social skills
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Your Congregation

Whether it’s a themed indoor experience that transports children to a fantastic world or an indoor playground, a thoughtful and creative children’s ministry will give the kids a solid foundation to base their lives on and strengthen the entire congregation. Emphasizing the children’s experience will encourage other families to join your church. When you target families, you will build and nurture a strong, family-oriented congregation and create a central support system in your neighborhood.


Capture the hearts and minds of new and returning families by creating a themed entrance to your ministry. The kids will be excited to join and participate in the church and the children’s ministry, becoming an integral part of their upbringing. Pick a theme related to your beliefs and teachings, creating a fully immersive world that both kids and parents appreciate.


Many positive and life-long lessons are learned while playing; you can encourage and enable their physical and mental growth by combining learning and play with a tailored indoor play area. Including elements like eye-catching hallway art, educational classroom signage and murals, and group rooms that enable kids to play and learn, all at the same time, will make your church well-rounded and suited for kids of all ages

Ready to let your imagination run wild? WE ARE!

Our team continues to push design boundaries, developing exciting and engaging themed environments that resonate with audiences of all ages. Because of this, we have built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted consultants.

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