Indoor Playgrounds


Indoor playgrounds are becoming an integral part of a neighborhood, strengthening the community and providing year-round kid and family-friendly spaces that teach kids valuable tools to grow strong mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Benefits of an indoor playground:

  • Accessible in any weather or season
  • Builds life-long memories and friendships
  • Encourages creativity and exploration
  • Provides education and growth
  • Promotes physical activity and healthy habits
  • Strengthens family-bonds


All your kids need to know is that the indoor playground in your neighborhood is about fun and play, but between us, the playground teaches us lifelong cognitive skills that carry us through life, like:

  • Creative thinking and imagination
  • Leadership skills
  • Independence
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Social skills
  • Team-work

The social skills we learn on the playground are invaluable. Let’s work together to create a family-friendly indoor playground to give kids a solid foundation to grow up and be the best versions of themselves.


Grace Church Ohio (20004-R0)

Rockford Public Library Play Concept (21005-R1)

Milwaukee Yard Play Concept (21006-R0)

Milwaukee Yard Play Concept (21006-R1)

Alexa Salazar Option 1 Play Concept (21010-R0)

Alexa Salazar Option 2 Play Concept (21010-R0)

Elite Children's Academy Play Concept (21011-R0)

Elementary + Pre-School Unit-R0


The best part of an indoor playground is that no weather or season will get in the way of a good time. An indoor playground encourages families to gather year-round, giving kids a safe space to play and develop friendships and social skills vital to their upbringing.

Indoor playgrounds are tailored to attract and encourage kids of all ages and abilities, using foam materials that ensure a soft landing and a safe space to run, jump, chase, and explore with other kids.

Ready to let your imagination run wild? WE ARE!

Our team continues to push design boundaries, developing exciting and engaging themed environments that resonate with audiences of all ages. Because of this, we have built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted consultants.

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