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themed environment

Family-friendly themed environments reduce stress and anxiety with young patients and parents. Transform dental and pediatric offices into an imaginary and immersive world. Create positive associations with your practice and build trust with fun and age-appropriate themed environments tailored to your space.

Elements to include in themed environments:

  • 3D Letters, Sculptures, and Props
  • Dimensional Reception and Check-in Desk Wraps
  • Interactive Features
  • Indoor Play Areas

Creating positive associations

Every themed environment is designed to fit your specific location, vision, and brand. The goal of transforming your office is to elicit positive emotional and sensory responses from patients, resulting in an enjoyable experience for everyone involved, kids, parents, and staff.

Include interactive elements that encourage kids to play and engage. Continue the theme from the front door to the examination rooms for a fully immersive experience.

When you create a space that is inviting and fun, kids will be excited to return.


Our creative team will work with you to transform your pediatric and dental offices from visitors’ arrival to departure. We’ll help you decide on the right theme to transport and entertain visitors.

We collaborate with clients and offer creative solutions to tell stories that connect with audiences of all ages, build a strong brand identity, and bolster brand affinity.


We are a full-service 3D theming studio with a world-class facility, technology, and equipment. All high-end parts are sourced in the USA and adhere to all codes and safety regulations. The quality of the design is equal to the creativity and passion we put into each project. Let’s find the perfect theme for your practice and transport your patients to a wonderful and fantastical new world.  

Ready to let your imagination run wild? WE ARE!

Our team continues to push design boundaries, developing exciting and engaging themed environments that resonate with audiences of all ages. Because of this, we have built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted consultants.

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