Themed Environments


Learning should be fun and exciting. Creating a safe space where children are comfortable and free opens up the minds and the body to take on new challenges and grow physically and emotionally. Our themed environments are inclusive and age-appropriate and built from high-quality parts and materials sourced right here in the USA. Our themed environments are perfect for:
  • Parks
  • Schools
  • Daycare centers
  • Community centers
  • Museums
  • Churches


Our environments are for kids of all ages. Whether you’re introducing toddlers to their first interactive play experience or need more elaborate environments for adventurous and active kids, our environments challenge kids, developing their physical, social, and problem-solving abilities. An environment built with educational purposes should incorporate tactile elements that excite the senses and improve motor skills and cognitive functions. Themed environments that encourage fitness and wellness.


The playground is a path to self-discovery. Children begin to learn their strengths and abilities as individuals and as a team. Playgrounds anchor a community, a nexus connecting and influence families and kids from an early age through adulthood.



Our services span from idea to installation and beyond. Play areas range from compact spaces to large indoor playgrounds and are tailored to your specific goals, objectives, and location in mind. While creativity is the driving force behind each themed environment, all parts are top-quality and adhere to safety and code requirements. Soft play areas give kids the freedom to explore and test their abilities, giving parents peace of mind knowing there’s a soft landing.

Ready to let your imagination run wild? WE ARE!

Our team continues to push design boundaries, developing exciting and engaging themed environments that resonate with audiences of all ages. Because of this, we have built a strong reputation as one of the industry’s leading and most trusted consultants.

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