Adding Fun to Functionality with Themed Environments in Your Pediatric Office

When it comes to decorating your waiting area, you have several options for creating a welcoming environment that meets the needs of your patients, parents, and staff. However, one common feature that can make or break your patient’s experience and perception of your business is themed environments tailored to resonate with your target audience – kids! Themed environments can include everything from wall murals, wrapped reception desks, play areas with soft seating furniture, fun accessories and interactive entertainment displays like plasma screens, and video games.

Choosing the Right Theme

Provide a safe and fun environment for kids

When it comes to choosing the right theme for your pediatric office, you want to consider what kids would like. You also want to make sure that the theme is functional and can be easily incorporated into the existing space. Some popular themes include:

  • Themed waiting areas 
  • Walls designed with a water scene or jungle mural 
  • Soft play area: Children can crawl through tunnels, jump on giant pillows or bounce on a ball pit filled with inflatable animals 
  • Kids reading corner: Let children choose from their favorite books while they wait for their appointment

Customize Your Reception Desk

First impressions are important, so make sure your reception desk is customized to your brand. Choose a wrap that is colorful and kid-friendly, and add some fun elements like stickers or buttons. By tailoring your environment to your target audience, you can create a world that is both fun and functional.

Wall Murals Make a Kid-Friendly Environment

Wall murals are a great way to add some fun and functionality to your waiting area. Plus, they can be used to help teach kids about proper handwashing techniques, safety procedures, and more. And, of course, they’ll make the space look a lot more fun and inviting for young patients and their families.

Soft Play Area

A soft play area is a great way to add an interactive space to your waiting area. Not only will it provide a place for kids to play, but it can also help keep them occupied while they wait.

Creating a Place that Children Want to Come Back To

It’s important to create a pediatric office that is not only functional, but also fun! By adding elements like reception desk wraps, wall murals, and soft play areas, you can create an environment that children will want to come back to. This will not only make them feel comfortable during their visit, but it will also help build brand loyalty.

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