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Fantastical Family Friendly Wallcoverings and 3D Sculptures

Going to the doctor’s office or dentist doesn’t have to be traumatic and scary for kids. Transform your pediatric and dentist office with fun themed wall coverings and 3D sculptures. Create an interactive, fun, and calming environment that eases stress and anxiety. 

Creating a Kid-Friendly Environment

Create a kid and family-friendly environment for kids to distract them from a visit that may include some poking and prodding. Whether it’s just a routine check-up or the child is there for more serious reasons, it’s up to you to make the visit as painless and fun as possible.

Themed Wall Covering to Set the Tone

Imagine a fun, kid-friendly theme and design wall coverings made from various materials like sticky vinyl, vinyl banners, fabric, stretched canvas, and more. Take advantage of your walls, floors, and other surfaces to create a 360-degree experience. The more immersive and complete the environment, the more distracting and calming it will be for the kids. 

Transform your waiting area, hallways, and offices with vibrant, colorful, and creative wall murals, floor murals, reception desk wraps, and other creative elements. Create a fantasy world that transports kids and lets their imagination fly. 

Elements to Include in Your Themed Environment:

  • Colorful graphics
  • Recognizable characters
  • Interactive 3D elements

Incorporate interactive 3D-themed elements and make kids excited about visiting the doctor or the dentist. Not only will the kids have a much better time, easing their fears and anxieties, but you’ll make the parents feel great, as well. The extra effort you put into creating a fun experience for their kids won’t go unnoticed by the parents. 

Custom Themed Wall Coverings for Every Environment

Take charge of the kids (and parents) experience from the moment they pull up to your office with window wraps, themed wall coverings, murals, and 3D themed displays. Work with our team to bring your concept and vision to life. 


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